Bring back the old days!

Is one of the sayings my mum would say on a regular basis.  As a teenager I could not understand what she meant.  ‘Times are changing Mum!’, I would say in rather a condescending voice at times.  Which naturally often got me a right old telling off.

But now this Sixty-Something woman knows exactly how her mother felt.  I love the modern music and there is nothing like doing an arthritic dance to Olly Murrs.  And Alexa has made life a lot easier.. sorry lazier.

I understand now!  I understand why my Mum yearned for the old days.

When women were women and men were men and Political Correctness had never been thought of.


Days when people could say what they liked within reason, without sensitive souls taking umbrage and having a hissy-fit.

When it comes to the scene where Mary Poppins soot’s up her face now being classed as racist; oh my how things have changed and how I wish sometimes I could turn the clock back and have the good old days back, just like my mother wanted.  When common sense prevailed.  And sensitive souls and lefties hadn’t taken over the planet.

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