No more chances!!!

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Have you ever got to the point in your life, where you refuse to give others second chances?  Where dirty water has been thrown in your face and when that person wants something, you then once again become ‘Flavour of the month’!

You see I am there!  I am at that point.  But which way do I turn?

I’ve tried to hold it altogether but now find that life and inner peace are Slipping Through the Cracks of time and hurt and anger have taken hold and replaced those emotions.  Emotions that make me feel that I want to scream and shout.  But keeping my mouth closed is the only option I have, simply because, letting go of that hurt and anger will tear me and others apart.

People just don’t realise how much hurt they cause! Or do they?  Are they only tolerating me because they have to?  Are they using my kind-heart because they know that I won’t say or do anything about it?

Those are the questions I don’t have the answers to.  And I sure as hell wish I did have those answers.  Because if those answers became clear to me, then maybe, just maybe I will get some inner peace and this anger and hurt will go away.

Maybe I should explode and let rip, as they say!  Maybe then I will free myself of this bottled up emotion that is driving me stir-crazy at times.

Who knows what tomorrow brings, but for today it seems as if things are slipping through the cracks of life.

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