Three in a relationship!

Shopping day for me ends with a liquid lunch with friends or a quick coffee in Starbucks or Costa Coffee, before heading back home.

Sitting there alone at the table in Starbucks one day, minding my own business, which is unusual for me, when two girls sat down on the table opposite.

Naturally, phones were attached to their hands and their fingers were tapping on the keypad, when all of a sudden one girl gasped, ‘How dare he!’  Her friend immediately responded with, ‘Oh Whatsapp me what he said!’  To which the other girl replied a few seconds later, ‘Done.’

Why she couldn’t tell her friend know what he said in the first place I don’t know!  ‘But that is life’ as my dear old mum would say.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the girl who received her friend’s text, then promptly replied, ‘Oh I’ve found this, put that on Facebook, that’ll let people know how badly he treats you!’  Obviously the friend must have then text the image to her friend who was by now spitting feathers at her boyfriend, or maybe soon to be ex-boyfriend, when she looked up at her friend and said, ‘I’ve posted it, now lets see what his friends and family think of that.’

Of course her actions prompted a call from the, who I gather was the boyfriend, where they both had this amazing row, with colourful language and tears flowing thrown in for good measure.

So this sixty-something woman, me of course, is by now thinking and wishing these people who have these arguments on phones would do it on speaker.  After all, if we are forced to hear you yell down the phone like a screaming banshee we would definitely like to hear what the other side of the conversation, had to say.  It’s just not right, don’t call me nosy but I do like to hear both sides of the story.  So I have to ask myself why do people have to run their relationships by social media?

When me and him indoors have a ding-dong which is very rare, I don’t go running to Facebook and post these pictures up with words attached to them.  By all accounts, they are called MeMes.  I tell him straight to his face what I think.  Him-indoors has to lump it or like it.  Yes I use Facebook and Twitter, and I have shared the funny and comical MeMe’s.  But to conduct my marriage through Facebook, most definitely not.  This so reminds me of something that Princess Diana said about there being three in her relationship with Prince Charles, except this time it’s Me, him and Facebook.


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