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A soldier salutes to a superior officer in respect of their rank.  A soldier is trained to respect their superior ranks.  I’ve never been in the forces.  But my training came from my parents.

I, as a child was trained in the following:

  • To say please and thank you.
  • Not to butt-in on a conversation being held by others.
  • To give up my seat on public transport for a person who is elderly or disabled, or a pregnant woman.
  • I was taught you had to gain respect from others and never to expect respect. Respect is something that is earned not demanded.
  • To say hello and goodbye to visitors.
  • To respect my elders.
  • Take care of things, if you break or ruin your possessions, they won’t be replaced.

I think I can honestly say, that when given something by another person or my parents, became instinctive to say ‘Thank You’.  Or if I wanted something to ask, by saying ‘Please can I have ……’.

I think by the end of my toddler years I had gained it, and by the time I went to school it became automatic.  Not once can I remember having my parents remind me to say ‘Please and Thank You’.  Not once did my parents have to plead with me or remind me to sit.

But today it seems, that in some children, these manners have been lost.  Which is such a shame because I think these basic manners are a good starting point for any child to be taught.

The youth of today, some of them have fallen by the wayside.  And those who have fallen, show no respect whatsoever, to not just people to property.  Especially to the elderly.  They don’t have respect for each other, yet alone for another generation.

Teachers in schools, not only fear the children but the parents.  I’ve heard some teachers say, that the parents are worse than the kids.  It pains me to think what type of individuals these kids will produce in the future.  If they haven’t been taught respect and manners, or lived in a family home which prides itself on manners and principles, what hope do the future generations have?

What a sad world we now live in, with some kids not being brought up but dragged up, as my dear mother would say!  Our future looks grim!!


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