Turmoil, treachery and utter betrayal.

That is the state of British Politics today.  And why? Brexit! You see back in the summer of 2016 we the public were given a choice.  To stay or remain in the EU, we were told by the Prime Minister that whatever we voted for would happen.

You see the people were disgruntled and the people felt no mainstream party was listening to them. And still till today no one is listening.   There are no two ways about that.  They were fed up with the EU was making the rules and the idiotic rules they were creating.  They were fed up with immigration. We were fed up with politicians saying one thing and doing another.  In fact world-wide, people were fed up with the leaders of our countries.

I voted leave on the day of the 23rd June 2016.  I didn’t vote leave because of a big Red Bus! I didn’t vote leave because I am racist or fascist, like I am being told I am by the likes of Anna Soubry!  That day, I went to bed fully expecting to wake up to find that people voted to stay.  And as far as I was concerned, it was a democratically held vote, and the majority vote is what we, as a Country, do.

What a shock waking up the following day and finding that the leave vote had actually won.  And even if we the leavers hadn’t won the vote, as far as I was concerned, it was a democratic vote and the result should be upheld.  No way would I have dreamt of thwarting the vote of the people.

We voted and that was it! We had a result!  LEAVE.

On the 24th of June, David Cameron resigned and a Tory Party leadership commenced.  Gradually one by one they stabbed each other in the back.  Gove stabbed Johnson in the back, Leadsom forced to pull out, because of her remarks about Theresa May not having children and how she as a mother was better qualified.  Politics in turmoil once again. And as Theresa May was the soul candidate left standing she became PM.

Theresa May

Well she became MP by default.  And she stood outside of No. 10 and promised Brexit meant Brexit, Leave meant Leave and she would do what the people voted for.  She would listen to the poor, make poverty a thing of the past.  Promises and pie crusts spring to mind here.

Over the course of nearly 3 years of her as PM she has done nothing but lied.

  • No General Election – Lied she had one
  • Brexit means Brexit – Lied with her deal we are tied more to the EU than we are already.
  • No deal is better than a bad deal – Lied her deal is a bad deal.
  • There will be a vote on her deal on the 11th December 2018 and it was to go ahead. – Lied right up until the previous day she was saying that and then pulled the vote.
  • Leaving on the 29th March 2019 – Lied, she says now that if we don’t get a deal we will be out on the 12th April and if we do back her deal, out on the 22nd May, 2019.

Snap Election

In the summer of 2017, on the 8th June, Theresa May called a snap election. Her reasons were that she thought she would increase her majority.  She didn’t.  In fact she couldn’t even hold a government together without the Confidence and Supply agreement she made with the right-wing DUP, which cost the taxpayer £1 billion.

According to the Daily Record

The DUP have strong historical links with Loyalist paramilitary groups.

Specifically, the terrorist group Ulster Resistance was founded by a collection of people who went on to become prominent DUP politicians.

Peter Robinson, for example, who was DUP leader and Northern Ireland’s First Minister until last year, was an active member of Ulster Resistance.

Brexit from this date was doomed.  Even though both parties in their Manifesto’s said they would back Brexit, and we would leave the EU. There was no clear Majority for the Tory Party without the DUP vote.  Which naturally paved the way for the Stop Brexit at all costs brigade, to thwart Brexit and deliver a Brexit which practically kept us aligned with the EU or better still no Brexit at all.

Donald Trump – America’s Turn

170205-donald-trump-823_b75200c5e79310ac713efdfa85228edc.nbcnews-fp-1200-800Who in a million thought that misogynistic and odious man would be President of the United States?  No-one!  But Trump said what some of the people felt.  He said “he was fed up with immigration and illegal immigrants coming over the Mexican border.”, he said “America First.”, and he said, “America wouldn’t be taking on the world’s problems.”

Things that the disgruntled people of America heard.  Subjects that some people would only think about and not say, for the fear of being tagged far-right or racist. He was saying things that people wanted to hear and was promising things beyond their dreams. With his America First mantra.

And some of those issues many Brits felt when they voted Leave.  They too, wanted controlled immigration, taking back control over laws imposed by the EU, and they wanted Britain first and not the EU first.  They didn’t want an EU Army.

Well you see, us Brits, don’t want an EU Army.  We are proud of our British Army, Air Force, and Navy.  And again, reminiscent in our minds were the lives that were lost in two World Wars fighting for freedom, so that there wasn’t one global European Power. Namely the Nazis back then.  Men and women and children laid down their lives to fight for freedom.  A freedom that we won. We fought for our independence and freedom from tyranny and dictatorship!  And here we are now in the 21st Century watching as the EU gradually take control of everything.  Yes free trade is good, but not if betrays what we believe in.

The rise of the far-right in Europe

blue and yellow round star print textile
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Across Europe the far-right and nationalist parties are on the rise..(Source Wikipedia)

Slovenian Parliamentary Elections, 3 June 2018

Slovenia held its Parliamentary Elections to the National Assembly of Slovenia on 3 June 2018, where 90 members were elected. The Slovenian National Party and Slovenian Democratic Party are the country’s two nationalist, far-rightist parties and both gained seats under this election. The Slovenian Democratic Party is the largest party by seats in the National Assembly with 25, while the Slovenian National Party is the smallest party with 4. Thus 29 seats are held by nationalist parties, up 8 seats from the last elections in 2014. A new Government has yet to be formed, though in any case there will be a strong nationalist sentiment in the Assembly.

Hungarian Parliamentary Elections, 8 April 2018

Hungary held its General Parliamentary Elections on 8 April 2018, where 199 seats in the National Assembly of Hungary were filled. Two nationalist parties, all far-right, emerged with seats in the new Assembly, with the new Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, being from the FideszChristian Democratic People’s Party. His party gained 133 seats, while the Jobbik-Movement for a Better Hungary Party gained 26 seats. This put 159 out of 199 seats in the Hungarian National Assembly under the control of nationalist parties, up 3 seats from the last election in 2014.

Italian General Elections, 4 March 2018

Italy held its General Elections on the 4th March, 2018, where 630 Deputies were elected to the Lower House and 315 Senators to the Upper House of the Italian Parliament. Italy’s largest far-right party, the Lega Nord or “League” secured 125 seats in the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House) and 58 seats in the Senate (Upper House). The Brothers of Italy, another nationalist party, gained 32 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 18 seats in the Senate. Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S) have also been labelled as being in the far-right. Gaining 222 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 109 seats in the Senate, that would make M5S the largest far-right group in Italy, though arguably, they are not officially a far-right group. The current government, formed with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as its head, supported by parties including the League, the Brothers of Italy and M5S, which together contribute 379 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 185 seats in the Senate. A large portion of the Italian Government is therefore far-rightist and/or nationalist. Between them, the three parties went up by 140 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and by 20 seats in the Senate compared to the last election in 2013.

Spanish regional election, December 2018

Vox is a Spanish right-wing to far-right political party, founded in 2012. It obtained, by surprise, 12 seats in the regional parliament of Andalusia in 2018. The majority of pre-poll predictions was a maximum four seats. The president of Vox is Santiago Abascal and its general secretary is Javier Ortega Smith.

Surely this should tell Politicians of the mainstream parties that the people are disgruntled.  People are fed up!

UKIP and its decline

After the Brexit vote in the local elections, because people were told Brexit means brexit .  When Article 50 was invoked, they had been promised that we would be leaving the EU on the 29th March 2019.  Because of these the support of the UKIP declined.  In fact in the local elections UKIP lost 103 seats.  Why?

Well the man, Nigel Farage, that held UKIP together, quit the party once the vote was over in 2016 and the party was doing nothing but having spats between leaders and members..  Personally, I am of the firm opinion that Night Farage should have stayed until Brexit was delivered.  Now we have the two parties fighting for Brexit UKIP and Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party.

Rise of the far-right

My fear is this!  If Brexit is not delivered, then the people who are feeling betrayed, disgruntled about Brexit and their vote not being worth the paper it was cast on, will never vote Tory or Labour again and this division will pave way for far-right parties to garner support.  People who feel betrayed show their disapproval at the ballot box.

My Thoughts

You see how I feel as a Brexiteer is how many feel.  The people voted, leave won the vote so Brexit should be delivered.  And those remainers who voted against Leaving the EU, endorsed their view not just at the ballot box on the 23rd June 2019 but when they voted in the General Election as clearly Labour and Conservative said they would deliver the result of the referendum and we would leave the EU in their manifestos.  If the remainers who are moaning today really wanted to stay in the EU and have a peoples vote, they should have voted Liberal Democrat, because that is the party that said in their Manifesto, at the General Election, clearly that they would give the people a vote on the Brexit plan and let the people decide on whether to stay in the EU by way of their deal or Leave.  Both Labour and Tory said they would honour the vote already made.  And the Tories said that there would be NO further votes on the matter.  It had been decided and leaving the EU is what we are going to do.

Yes, I feel betrayed.  Yes if I voted again, I would vote Leave with No Deal.  Yes I do feel that Brexit is slipping away.  No I won’t vote Tory or Labour ever again in my life if they fail to deliver Brexit.  A Brexit that cuts all ties with the EU… not just pick and choose.  I voted to leave and my opinion stays as firm as it did back in June 2016.  And as a person who feels if you can’t be arsed to vote then you don’t really get a say, I will be voting for the party that will deliver Brexit.  The Brexit that cuts our ties with the EU.  So until the Labour or the Tories honour and promise what we voted for, to leave the EU, my vote could well be going to the least of far-right parties that will deliver the Brexit we voted for and want.




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