Panic buying – the world’s gone crazy.

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Seriously, has the world gone feckin mad… what is this panic buying of toilet rolls all about?

This virus is a respiratory virus.  It affects your LUNGS  not your BOWELS.  Mind you I suppose if one person coughs a hundred could mess themselves.

All jokes apart, by the way, that is the British way of dealing with things… along with a good cuppa of tea.  Laughter and tea solve everything.

Our NHS at the best of times is understaffed, and at breaking point especially in the winter.  So I can see why the Government wants to delay the delay.  At least in the weather warmer, hopefully, heat will kill this virus and our NHS won’t be as fully stretched as they are in the winter months.

But please stop this panic buying.  It is unnecessary and selfish.

I’m off to Tesco’s tomorrow… I will just get our week’s shopping.  Nothing more, nothing extra, just in case.

Being sensible and showing common sense is the only way this country is going to get through this.

Two things are peeing me off at the moment.. those that are moaning about the inconvenience this virus has on their lives.  Can’t watch sports, no football, no Forumula 1, tennis is game set and match… with no further play.

Well, I bet all those people who are laying in morgues given the opportunity to choose between dying and being inconvenienced, I don’t think many will hold their hands up to take the non-inconvenience route.

And the second saying shut the schools… close down the unis… lockdown the country.

Now let us put that into perspective.

Most people don’t work locally or within walking distance of their employment.  Shutting the country down, means, trains stopped, banks closed, buses no longer running.  So people won’t be able to get to work unless they drive.  And that includes NHS, Carers, Firemen, Police Officers and all emergency personnel.  Not every person has a car.

If you stop travel and isolate the population, firstly shutting schools, means children will need a parent at home.  Now that parent, who is now forced to stay at home, could mean emergency personnel being made to stay home instead of being on the front-line of defence against this virus.

Locking down a country means non-essential people not working.  Banks are still going to want their mortgage payments.  What shops do remain open will still want cash to buy goods.  And nobody in today’s day and age can afford to live on Statutory Sick Pay.  We need electricity, we need gas, we need petrol, we need oil… locking down a country means taking drastic measures.  And is easier said than done.  I know a Italy is in lockdown, but there are people in Italy saying they’ve been forgotten about, due to the lockdown.  Being left in apartments with those that have died of Corona

Coronavirus: Woman trapped in apartment with dead husband …

COVID-19: Actor Forced To Self-Isolate With His Sister’s …

And according to today’s scientific news, 60% of the population needs to have coronavirus (COVID-19) to start to herd immunity.

Millions of Britons will need to contract coronavirus in order to control the impact of the disease which is likely to return “year on year”, the government’s chief scientific adviser has told Sky News.

Around 60% of the UK population will need to become infected with coronavirus in order for society to have “herd immunity” from future outbreaks, Sir Patrick Vallance said.

Herd immunity is the resistance to a contagious disease within a population because enough people have become immune, and so it is harder for it to spread.

You can’t lock down a country indefinitely.  It is practically impossible to do.  As much as it is a scary situation we are in at the moment… following the Government’s advice is what we have to do.

  • Self-Isolate if we have a Fever or a New Dry Cough
  • Don’t ring 111 unless it is an absolute emergency
  • Wash your hands properly.  You don’t need sanitizer, good old soap and water will suffice.
  • Check on our elderly and make sure that they have means of communication, should they feel they don’t want to take the risk and go out, and the prescriptions they need as well as food.  

Today I had a doctor’s appointment at 9.15 am.  Yesterday I received a call, the Dr’s wouldn’t be seeing patients and all appointments were now becoming telephone appointments.

Promptly at 9.15 am, my GP phoned, I told her what was wrong with me… (severe arthritis in left hip and tramadol and paracetamol not taking the pain away) so she increased my pain meds and has sent the forms necessary for an x-ray to my local hospital.

South Korea as of the 9th of March had the lowest mortality rates.  The average being between 3-4% yet South Kora had 0.7%.  They are NOT in a lockdown.  An interesting read is an article from the Asia Times.

Quarantines removed the infected from the general populace, but perhaps even more critical to the low death rate was the activation of early treatment.

It is common sense measures like this that will beat this virus.  Panic Buying, Scare-Mongering and plain Stupidity won’t.



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