Lockdown Blues

red and white signage
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I admit… I have it.  The good old Lockdown Blues.

Talk about going bat-shit crazy.   How I long to walk around a clothes shop.  How I long to be able to cough and sneeze in public without people giving me the good-old evil eye.  Us poor old hay-fever suffers are sure having the glares if we cough and sneeze.

And my God if you have a hot flush in town.. you can see the panic ensue.

Covid has really changed our lives.  Will we ever be able to get back to normal?  Will we be able to hug our family members?  Will we ever get over this virus?

And above all will we ever get over the human tragedy that has come with this bloody virus?  The tragedy of so many deaths!  The sheer amount of grief that hits families, not by just losing their loved ones, but not being able to say goodbye properly.

The tragedy of hearing those death figures everyday!  How much more have we got to take?

And then you get Johnson and Co… proclaiming they did everything right and at the right time.


You didn’t stop flights in.  You didn’t test track and trace properly.  You didn’t lockdown at the first death.

What you have done so far is this.

Put every construction worker and their families at risk.  Put in a policy where you hope to send children back to school with social distancing measures.  Have you tried to keep kids apart?  Nigh on impossible!  You haven’t bought in test track and trace to the general public yet, but you are now forcing them to travel to work.

Yes I have the Lockdown Blues… not at being confined but mainly because of a Government that didn’t get their act together in the beginning.

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