Boris – Would be totally Laughable..

If there wasn’t so many deaths due to Covid.

If so many people hadn’t or will die from this nasty virus, Boris Johnson’s answer when pushed by Jeremy Hunt on 24hr test targets is astounding.

And raises so many questions.

Who forbid Boris from announcing targets? Pardon me for thinking the PM was the man at the top. This statement just proves that Boris is the puppet and Cummings in the puppet master. Is that why Cummings hasn’t been sacked? Cos he is the one really running the country. Boris’s reply to a simple question has left us with more questions than answered.

Yvette Cooper grilled him on Dominic Cummings and the PM stood firmly by his man.

Before us stood a PM forbidden to speak about targets, a PM who above and beyond the call of duty backed Cummings to the hilt, even if the consequences of his actions could mean people no longer take the Governments Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Save the NHS advice seriously any anymore.

Today’s Liaison Committee appearance by Boris Johnson, has made this Country a laughing stock. And totally shows this Government’s lack of expertise in tackling this virus.

And it’s not just Boris… Gove pulled a classic when posed with this question from Kay Burley

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