Domestic anyone… There may be trouble ahead

nlj_7655_morrisHowever, members of one household can only select people from one other to meet with until restrictions are further eased, The Sun reports.

The UK has been in lockdown since March 23, meaning families and friends have gone weeks without seeing each other.

But the rules mean tough decisions for households, who may have to pick which family or friends to socialise with.

You can’t meet a household one weekend and then reunite with another the next.

People must maintain social distancing at all times and remain outdoors.

Cite –

So who do you pick… your parents or partner’s parents?  Your best mate or family?

Yet every day the tubes are getting fuller and fuller.  And people are encouraged back into work, (INSIDE).  Totally ludicrous.

I can see trouble ahead.

There again, what do you do when idiots like this are on this planet?

r/WTF - Easter World Record

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