Oven-Rack Nightmare

Do you lay awake thinking about those bloody oven-racks and how you’re going to get the grease off?  I know I do.  What a sad feckin life I lead. 😀 😀  Anyway those nightmares and now supposed to turn into pleasant peaceful dreams.  According to a poster on Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips Facebook Group.

I’m yet to try this, but I thought I would share this tip and perhaps you’d like to join me and let me know your results.

According to the tip on the Daily Mirror Website.. these were the racks before this treatment.

Firstly wrap your oven racks in tin foil.  Place them in the bath with two dishwasher tablets, one on each rack.

Fill the bath with hot water and leave overnight.  And by all accounts in the morning when you remove the foil your racks should look like this.

Mine are nowhere near as bad… so I should get better results….. hopefully.  And of course this tip, if it works as good as it says, is great for someone with arthritic hands. who struggles with a Brillo Pad.

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