OK Mrs Hinch… Elbow Grease is fantastic!

Ok Mrs Hinch… You were right about Elbow Grease cleaner. I am now a converted person.

One of the things I’ve read about on Facebook from fellow housewives and cleaners is how Mrs Hinch swears by Elbow Grease Cleaner. And her followers seem to rave about this product too. But you can’t beat Flash, can you? You can’t beat Cif, or Mr Muscle, can you?

I have named three big brands which I’ve stuck to for life along with Fairy Liquid (which I will never convert from). But one thing I have in my house is a black Beko Freezer.

Now I love my freezer. But one thing I don’t like about it is the shiny black leaves fingermarks, when you open it. And no matter how many times, I’ve shouted use the handle groove to open the doors, my family still persist in just grabbing the corner of the door and opening it that way. Everyday there are fingermarks and it bugs me. I’ve tried fairy liquid, Mr Sheen and Pledge Multi Surface cleaner, and even the big brands sometimes fail to remove the greasy fingerprints and hand marks left on the door. And some times it seriously takes some elbow grease to remove them properly.

So when I was in B & M on Saturday, I saw for £1 a bottle of Elbow Grease, and walked out of the store fully convinced that I had just wasted a quid. I thought I would try out a Mrs Hinch Cleaning tip from Facebook… Elbow Grease Spray Cleaner.

So fast forward to this morning… housework day. When I looked at the fridge, true to form there were fingerprints galore on the doors. So I reached for my Elbow Grease and sprayed on the doors… With a damp cloth I wiped the doors and dried them with a tea towel and low and behold.. no fingerprints. I didn’t have to rub like a rentaloony to get rid of those ghastly fingerprints.

So I went to the dishwasher, which is also black and used it to remove the fingerprints from the button controls and door handle. It worked… without effort those greasy prints vanished into thin air.

By all accounts you can use this stuff on tiles, fabrics and various other things… I am now armed and ready with my Elbow Grease… come on fingerprints, I got you covered now.

I am now a fully fledged Mrs Hinch Convert. Even so I’ve joined her group on Facebook.

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