RDP – Friday – Protest – #FOWC Landmark

Is this what peaceful protests have turned into? Now I am all for protesting, but what I don’t agree with is the way these protests turn into violence against the police, the defacing of statues, the looting, the destruction of buildings. And what has totally pissed me off about these protests is simply the fact that they showed total ignorance of history and what Churchill fought against by defacing the statue of Churchill. The man who stopped Hitler.

And above all these protesters showed no concern for others by ignoring pandemic laws of social distancing. The 2 meter distance isn’t a choice it is the law and the law said that people could not meet in groups of more than 6 people. They have put us and Covid well back on the map. Thank you.

And next there will be shouts the Government is not doing enough to tackle Covid amongst the black and ethnic minorities when science has told that Black and Ethnic people are more likely to die from this virus.

History tells us that African Germans, were forced to be sterilised, they were classed as an inferior race. They were not treated equally under the Nazis and Hitler’s rule. In face you only have to read to find out that even those they were not exterminated or executed in mass numbers like the Jews, the homosexuals, along with the Romani people.

Do these protesters who defaced who defaced Churchill’s statue not realise that if Churchill had not stood up to Hitler then we could well be living still under Nazi rule. Our lives would never have been like they are today. Churchill saved us from a tyrant and dictatorship, he gave us our Freedom of Speech, our lives as we know them today. If Churchill had capitulated to Hitler like some Politicians wanted then extermination camps could well have been on British Soil… Executions on our streets would have been a day to day thing until someone stood up to Hitler like Churchill did. And when Hitler died, another Dictator would have stood in his shoes. Black people in Britain would have been classed as an inferior race.

‘You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth’

Sir Winston Churchill

Some politicians wanted a peace deal with Hitler… and Churchill knew that you could never have a peace deal with a tyrant. Churchill knew that no matter what he agreed with Hitler, Hitler would renegade on his deal the moment he thought he would could invade Britain without a fight just like he did in France, Poland to name a few.

How does that help anyone? What happened in America was illegal and wrong. Those officers are now facing the full weight of the law. They haven’t got away with their actions and the act of aggression which cost George Floyd his life.

All lives matter. Our right to protest matters. But protest in a peaceful manner when there is not a pandemic raging in our country. Don’t destroy statues, don’t destroy property which is another person’s livelihood. And don’t moan about Covid and how it affects certain races. Your actions over the weekend has now put everyone of us at risk now. How many more families will have to grieve for a loved one lost to the virus, through your stupidity and breaching social distancing guidelines.

It won’t be long before the second wave of Covid deaths.

Posted as Part of the Ragtag Daily Prompt, Word of the Day Challenge, and FOWC with Fandango — Landmark

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  1. I agree with you about the defacing of statues, and some people’s ignorance of history.

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    1. It honestly makes my blood boil… people’s businesses looted, buildings and statues being defaced. People should have a right to protest… but they don’t have the right to be nothing but anarchists.


  2. Churchill also supported colonialism, and opposede, for example, Gandhi’s movement.


    1. He may have had his colonialism but he wasn’t the only politician who supported it. And his words about Gandhi were despicable, yes he had his flaws… that is something nobody can deny. But to deface statues is wrong. Attitudes were different in those days… history will still be history… but defacing a statue or tearing statues down is nothing but sheer vandalism. And nobody can deny that if it wasn’t for his resilience and determination in beating a tyrant we could be living under a dictatorship.

      And we’ve learnt through history dictatorship never ends… when one dictator dies another ruthless person is standing in the wings to jump in his shoes.

      No matter how hard you try you can’t change history. Things happened in history which today as human beings we are mortified at. Attitudes have changed through education and acceptance. But you can’t rewrite history just because it offends you.


      1. In Churchill’s case. they should leave the statues alone, and instead put up a placque of his voting record. Then future generations could decide for themselves who the tyrants were.

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      2. Yes there are ways of getting your point across without defacing statues or causing criminal damage. No matter what people think of Churchill, you have to give him credit for his resilience and determination to lead us through a war which stopped the Nazi’s invading Britain. He knew Hitler could never be trusted, he made a pact with Russia and broke it.. so it was inevitable that no matter what peace deal with Britain Hitler made there was a strong possibility he would renegade on it.


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