Your Daily Word Prompt – #Rally – #YDWordPrompt June 8, 2020

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Yes I could write about the Rally’s that have been going on in London and the desecration of the statue of Sir Winston Churchill, but I won’t. I’ve said my piece in another post. So for my topic I thought I would put a positive spin on the word rally.

to draw or call (persons) together for a common action or effort

Throughout this pandemic it has bought out the worst and the best of mankind. The panic buying leaving others in need of basic essentials that they rely on to live. Yet, no matter how many things that were bad which we’ve encountered over this pandemic, how people have rallied to bring good of a terrible situation has inspired myself and many.

From Captain Tom Moore walking 100 laps of his garden to raise funds for the NHS

To people standing and clapping on their doorsteps in gratitude for all those working in the NHS combating this killing disease.

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During this pandemic we’ve all rallied around, doing our own bit whilst keeping safe. Getting shopping for other people, checking if our neighbours are OK. Abiding by the rules and social distancing measures.

Some people say you can’t class the pulling together during this pandemic to the likes of how the British pulled together during two world wars. But I say we can, we have joined in applauding the NHS and key-workers. We’ve stood together in the height of a pandemic where people died alone and families grieved alone. The only thing different is this is peace time but I have seen the very best of people and what they have to offer. The sacrifices others of made to face an enemy that nobody can see. We have all come together to rally behind the scientists, doctors and nurses in their fight to battle this against Covid-19. Covid-19 has affected everyone of us, and not just those that have caught this disease, everyone of us has one way or another been affected by this disease. Whether it be loss of income, loss of a friend or loved one, the fear NHS staff have felt about bringing this disease home so instead of putting their loved one at risk some of them decided that they’d keep away from their loved ones.

And we’ve rallied altogether to bring the death rate down, in the hope to rid these shores of Covid-19 in the not too distant future.

The clapping may have stopped and Captain Moore is no longer walking the length of his garden, but each and everyone of us still rally in the fight to get back to a normal way of life again. Each and everyone of us will rally to beat Covid-19.

I just hope that once this disease has left our shores, it doesn’t take the comraderie that we have all witnessed in the last few weeks.

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