Wise Words

Yesterday I listened to the above video.. and oh boy does Morgan Freeman speak the truth. He said racism ends when you stop calling me “The black Guy” and I stop calling you “The White Guy”. Morgan Freeman showed courage and said that racism will only end when we stop talking about it and making an issue out of it.

There were other people talking in the above video, and believe each and every one of them spoke common sense. In today’s mob rule they are running the risk of having their careers torn to shreds by the anarchists.

In order for survival of mankind, and for each and everyone of us to live in peace, we have to accept history. We just can’t ignore it. We can’t turn the clock back all we can do is learn from it. We educate.

And the first thing we must do is not elect this man for the next 4 years as President.

A President who deploys tear gas and disperses protesters so he can stand outside a church for a photo-shoot holding a bible in his hand is not the kind of person who should inhabit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Perhaps, then by showing respect for each other we can have more joy in our lives and less hatred.

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  1. Wow! I wasn’t even thinking about racism as a story for #FOWC! Check out mine!

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    1. Seeing what is happening in our society today, those words from those word challenges just seemed apt. Great article you wrote.

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      1. Thank you so much! I agree with you about the word challenges. It’s great to know how the other nations are doing through these fun challenges. Being in India, I was aware of protests but not of trump’s sayings.

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      2. Trump is causing so much tension between people. I just hope and pray he doesn’t get reelected in November.

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      3. Same here! It’s been a hell of a year

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  2. Fandango says:

    “And the first thing we must do is not elect this man for the next 4 years as President.”

    Yes, absolutely!

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    1. I pray to God he gets outed ..

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