Enough is Enough

This has gone too far now. We do really need to clamp down on this thuggish behaviour. Robert the Bruce killed Englishmen, however, being English am I offended … NO. Do I want to see his statues removed… NO. Do I want to go and visit Scottish heritage… YES.

London is now covering up Monuments and Statues. Churchill, the Cenotaph to name two as well as the statue of Nelson Mandela.

The London Mayor says to protect them… but we already know he wants some statues removed. So can we trust him? Simply put No. And after his latest stunt as saying that any person who wants to protect these states are nothing but far-right extremist groups. Remember it is the likes of BLMUK who are determined to rip down these statues, dissolve capitalism and Imperialism.

Khan said:

My father, my grandfathers and uncles must be spinning in their graves knowing this is happening on our streets. To think they fought wars to give us our freedom.

Yes of course #blacklivesmatter as well as #alllivesmatter whether you are Chinese, Arabic, French, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, and so on. But these far-left extremists like BLMUK are jumping on a movement that they don’t care about. They just want to cause division and alienate each and every one of us. They want to cause division in society.

We are all responsible in how we act. We all have to take a stand against injustice. However we must be responsible enough to know that when you are desecrating monuments and causing criminal damage, you are breaking the law. And therefore you will be arrested and charged. We are responsible for our own actions.

It just sickens me to the core, when the first thing people do, is grab their phone video the cop being beaten and post it on social media without going to his aid. All those people shouting and videoing and posing for selfies, it just makes me sick to the stomach.

I am not denying that there may be bad apples in the Police Service, but let us be honest the correct way to deal with that is to see them punished and sacked. Just think of the service they guys do. They run into danger during a terrorist attack… They put their lives on the line to protect us.

Years ago, we respected the law and the Police and people would try and stop these things happening. Discipline and respect starts from age 1 day and is taught a home.

I bought my son up with these rules,

  • I don’t want the Police knocking on my door, because you’ve been a little git.
  • If you can’t do the time… simple don’t do the crime (said when he got detention once)
  • If I catch you or hear of you beating or bullying another person I will give you something to think about.
  • We might not like the laws of the land, but we change them through democracy not through violence.
  • Respect your elders.

It just sicken me me to death to see old lady beaten and nobody going to her defence. His excuse was she threatened to stab, him, his girlfriend and child. I can’t see a knife can you? She was mentally ill by all accounts. Instead of doing the right thing and reporting the incident to the Police or employees of the tube company, kicking her head in seemed more appropriate in him. Disgusting, deplorable behaviour.

And then you get headlines like:

Accused ‘granny-kicker’s’ co-workers set him up for arrest

No… they did not set him up. They did what was morally right. They recognised the offender and they phoned the Police.

I want to see our society go forwards… not go backwards and to the days of vigilantes and mob rule.

Enough is enough.

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  1. Yea & Amen! Violence is never the answer. Respect is the answer.

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    1. Exactly … but some these youngsters thinks the world owes them a living… and you don’t have to earn respect.

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