Sorry Boris …. your a ****ing Idiot.

So Boris goes to University becomes a MP and then makes his way into Number 10 Downing Street. Great for him… but… he hasn’t got any more sense than the day he was born.

To be a leader means you have to stand up for what is right… and whether your cabinet like it or not you have to do what is right.

Announcing an impending lockdown on national TV the Saturday before it was to be invoked on the following Thursday, is asking for trouble.

Common sense tells you when some people are being told they are going to be in Lockdown in a few days, they will congregate with friends and will be enjoying the few days freedom they have left. Where as people with real common sense and decency will understand the reasons and won’t abuse their freedom. In fact they will go above and beyond the call of duty to protect others in a Pandemic.

Youngsters think they are invincible, some even think the world owes them a living.. so will not be considerate. They will descend onto the streets, party like they’ve never partied before.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail

They will not social distance, they won’t wear a mask. And you Boris is a ****ing idiot if you didn’t realise scenes like above will happen across the nation.

You should announced the Lockdown on Saturday evening with immediate effect. If need be, you should have called MP’s to the Chamber and voted on it before announcing anything. And when MP’s agreed to the Lockdown, then you should have made it with immediate effect.

I am just wondering how many deaths will happen because of the antics of irresponsible people before the Lockdown began.?

Rant Over… enjoy your captivity everyone!!

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