Peace and Harmony

It it just me that feels peace and harmony have been restored to the world?

In the brevity of Biden’s presidency it seems to me as if all hostilities have ceased and a calmness has been restored to the planet.

Since the fallout of the Presidential Election and Trump, as far as I am concerned inciting violence, – whether or not they failed to impeach him – since he walked out of the White House he seems to have faded into the distance. Best place for him to be honest.

Even though I am not American it seems as if the calmness and tranquility has crossed the pond. I hope and pray that those in power within the Republican Party cut all ties with Trump and never allow him the chance to run for President in 2024.

However, Trump is astute enough to stir the hatred and decisiveness from afar, by using his loyal followers to cause mayhem and inciting them with his words.

Here is hoping that the peace, calm and tranquility will remain, and those who are divided start to unite and work together to bring a better future not just for us, but for future generations to come.

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