Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish – Shamima Begum

Yes I know it’s hard.. but I’m not going to beat behind the bush about the way I feel. Today the British Justice System showed common sense and made the right judgement in not allowing Shamima Begum to return to the UK. The Supreme Court ruled she could not return to the UK to fight her case about her having her British Citizenship revoked by the Home Office.

Heading out of Gatwick to Syria.

You know Shamima, the 15 year old who ran away with two friends to join ISIS in Syria.. Sorry but I and many others don’t give a monkey’s what happens to her.

Oh yes, the do-gooders, shouting “She was only 15.” And “She was groomed and radicalised.” Please give me a break. She knew exactly what she was doing.

The atrocities of ISIS were not kept in some dark corner and never spoken about, they were televised on a daily basis. We all knew, they were throwing homosexual men off of buildings, for being gay. We know the hostages they took were beheaded. We know women were raped and mutillated. We know young boys and men were murdered. Women were stoned, and people were burnt alive. We all knew what ISIS was and still is capable of. So please don’t give me the ‘Poor Shamima’ codswallop because it ain’t going to wash.

In the early 70’s when I was 15, we had terrorism in this country, with IRA bombings, buildings and people losing their lives. At 15 I knew what they were doing was wrong, I didn’t run off to fight their cause, cos I knew their cause was one of terror and carnage.

Hark, “You didn’t have the internet way back then.” No we didn’t, back then groomers had to form groups and cults, through Universities and Secondary Schools and Youth organisations, and yes people did try to recruit members to terrorist organisations, and cults.

But I knew joining any cult or terrorist organisation was wrong… Peace would only be restored through diplomatic process and then came the Good Friday agreement, and the peace process began.

Shamima, knew what she was doing. She and her friends planned their trip. They went to Syria to be ISIS brides, knowing full well what ISIS was all about. And you had to travel through many countries to get to Syria… you didn’t fly direct and that took planning.

And please don’t try and tell me, I wouldn’t feel the same way and I wouldn’t be saying the same thing if she was white. I bloody well would.. I felt the exact same way as I did for Sally Jones from Chatham in Kent, who went and joined ISIS and every person who joined ISIS, including the first white man Jack Letts.

You want to run away and join a terrorist organisation, then losing your citizendship of the country you are betraying is the price you have to pay.

No sympathy whatsover for the position she finds herself in…

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