When colour precedes health?

Today, the world is reeling from the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry here in the UK The palace must be shocked to the core at the revelations… and so they bloody well should be.

From the tender age of 12 Harry stood behind his mother’s coffin and walked behind the gun-carriage taking her to her to be laid to rest.

I sat there crying watching her funeral, thinking of all the hurt that Diana had been put through and how she was hounded to her death.

Losing a parent at anytime is hard, irrespective of what age you are but at 12 years old, when you still need your mum, must have been one of the hardest things Harry and William had to endure.

Harry has spoken out about his torment and how it affected him, during both his childhood and adulthood.

But last night’s showing of the interview, was full of revelation, Meghan didn’t make Kate cry, it was the other way around, and Kate apologised to Meghan with flowers and a note.

The son of the Duke and Duchess wouldn’t be offered a title or protection. Meghan could continue acting, so the establishment didn’t have to pay for her. Prince Charles ignoring his son’s calls. Meghan feeling suicidal and not being offered help after asking for it.

But the most disgusting and descipable revelation was the discussions by senior members (Not the Queen and Prince Philip) about the skin colour of their children. And how brown they might be.

I’m sorry, but that is racist!!! The lad found love and the press did all they could to cause division. If that wasn’t hard enough to deal with, he also had the face the comments about Meghan’s mixed race being made by his own family and advisors.

Every day this couple were exposed to fake news, and every day the likes of Piers Morgan slates them. They announce a future baby arrival and what happens, the likes of Morgan condemns them and calls them hypocrites for making the announcement public. Stating they always wanted their privacy and now they want the press to congratulate.

Meghan and Harry both know they have supporters and a fan base, so they had every right to announce their future baby girl.

I want my privacy! But that doesn’t stop me from announcing an impending happy event! Does it make me a hypocrite if I announced that I was expecting another child? Not that that would happen… too bloody old now.

It wouldn’t take me two seconds to work out who said these comments…. I can think of a few things one senior royal has said in their life which is shameful…

Mind you it was good to see Alex Beresford stand up for what is right.. and what did Piers do? Storm off set because he was being called out on what he was saying.

Mental health and racism exists.. whether you are royal or not. Brushing it under the rug and doing nothing is what makes mental health a stigma. Time for change. And change can only come from the top.

Harry became a man, the day he put his wife and child ahead of his royalty. He knew the environment that they were facing was history repeating its self and it was toxic And he knew that if he didn’t do something to stop it… one day his little boy could be the child standing behind and following his mother’s casket.

I think finally this couple are at peace with each other and the love they share for each other is clear to see, except for those bigoted by hate!

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