FFS Channel 5 …

Stop trying to rewrite history!

Anne Boleyn

And before I get jumped on for being rascist… let me just say I would also disapprove of a white actor playing Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King. Just as I would totally disapprove of a whole white cast appearing in a remake of Roots.

I have nothing against the actress, Jodie Turner-Smith, for all I know she might be a compelling and great actress.. what I am totally against this Political Correctness shite and how history is being rewritten so show diversity.

Well Channel 5 I won’t be tuning in… I am all for equality… I believe all lives matter. But when it comes to historical dramas then this diversity crap has just gone one step too far. Anne Boleyn, no matter how much you was inclusion of all races, was White. So a white actress should be playing the role.

Who next… Idris Elba as Prince Philip, Will Smith as Churchill.

Some of my greatest actors are coloured, I love watching Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, to name a few… And I would show utter contempt of a production company that cast a white actor as a coloured historical figure.

In fact I think I would hazard a guess there would be bloody uproar if that ever did happen.

Fictional Characters like James Bond, can be played by any actor … but real-life historical figures… no way. You can’t change their race to suit the like of BLM or Woke.

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