GBNews – What a week it’s been!

We knew it was coming… we waited patiently and then a week ago last Sunday GBNews went live.

From the outset we, the viewers, were told it is not going to be a rolling news channel like Sky News or BBC.

It was a channel for discussing topics that are important to Britain and its GB News viewers.

Yes there were glitches, and there still are some Gremlins in the system. But this channel doesn’t have multi-billion funding behind it, unlike the BBC.

So What is GBNews?

Well it is a channel where no topic is off limits. It is a channel that will listen to BOTH sides of the debate. It is a channel that will put questions, that us the public want to ask its guests, which include media moguls and politicians.

If you want breaking news repeated every 10 seconds, stick to Sky and BBC, cos you won’t get it on GB News. But what you do get is views from the people of Great Britain.

Views about what people want from their government.

What interests the people of Great Britain have and their concerns.

Is it a HIT?

You get unbiased reporting. The wokeratis, whose agenda I can’t stand, are welcome to voice their opinions as well as the right and centre of politics

Yes it is a hit… and that is why this last week the left have tried all they could to get advertisers to pull ads from the channel. Ikea, Grolsch, Bosch, Nivea, to name a few.. with some like backtracking on their withdrawal of advertising on GBNews.

Andrew O’Neil has offered the left and the advertisers the opportunity to come onto the show and explain their reasoning. He has given the wokerati the chance to provide evidence that GB News is a ‘hate’ Channel. Yet many have declined.

Myself, I have started a boycott list. Advertisers, a note, if you want to pull your adverts. Fine, do so. But don’t expect me to purchase your goods.

Why are companies pulling their ads? Because it isn’t a hate channel? Simply put, it is bowing to a minority of people, who want to change our society. In my opinion, for the worse.

What GBNews do so brilliantly and so eloquently, is highlight the hypocrisy which surrounds the topics that are being discussed. It will pinpoint the hypocrisy of Politicians especially.

It will point out the likes of the G7 mixing and mingling as well as the drinking and dancing at Ascot whilst the Government expects the public to go another four weeks before freedom day arrives. If it ever does!

One of the best interviews I’ve seen is ages is the one with Rishi Sunak being grilled by Andrew O’Neil. Sunak couldn’t answer for his life some of the questions put to him. Especially about the pension increases. And how the Government are going to fund this zero carbon policy.

So yes it is a hit, because it allows free speech.. it allows topics that other channels won’t even contemplate discussing. It allows criticism, irrespective of which side of the argument you are on. You the viewers have a say. Something you won’t find on the other news channels.

But above all, and what I like most about this channel, is the presenters don’t over-speak their guests. They allow their guests to speak. They put your questions to the guests. They allow free-speech and discussion to flow, they allow views that are from both sides of the argument. And they leave it up to the viewer to form their own opinion.

GBNews has no agenda, no allegiance to the left or the right. They just want and are giving unbiased reporting, which is so refreshing for the viewer.

No wonder the left have their knickers in a twist… they can’t control this channel! They can’t dictate policy! They can’t silence the many people who don’t like what Great Britain has become and want their say.

GBNews will go from strength to strength.. that I am sure of.

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