Social Media – Enter at your own risk.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself on Twitter quite a bit? Too much in fact! 🤣🤣

Exchanging views, talking to fellow people who agree with you is good for your mental health!

Hold on, did I just say mental health?

Well let me put you right on that. If you suffer from mental health issues, and find yourself getting easily upset and it affects you and that within itself causes you more depression and anxiety… then beware about joining Social Media and voicing your opinions.

Of course join if you want to and seek out people who are like-minded; people who are there just for company and to support each other.. But be prepared. Not everyone is who they say they are on Twitter for instance. So get to know how to block and mute people.

Muting people will stop you seeing their replies, blocking someone means that they won’t be able to read your timeline. My opinion it’s better to block. Get it over and done with in one foul swoop. It stops a lot of aggravation… believe me!

Twitter is a minefield… especially for those that voted Brexit, those who are anti-woke and now GB News Fans.

Me, well, I’ve got a thick skin… water off a duck’s back and all that. Plus the fact I’ve always been able to handle myself.. plus of course there is the block and mute functions.

I don’t agree with what the likes of Piers Morgan says at times, but I respect his opinion and will point out why I don’t agree with him. The same applies to the likes of Laurence Fox.

But what I do accept is that they have this right to their opinions.

I have friends who didn’t want #Brexit. Did I un-follow them?

No, they have the right to their own opinions and we just don’t discuss the topic because our friendship means more to us than arguing over something that is happening or why it is happening and how it happened.

I survive social media… by my thick skin… sitting on fingers and calling the idiots all the names under the sun under my breadth and refrain from letting my fingers run wild? Well 99% of the time, unless they really do pee me off.

But one thing I can’t stand and I am very focal on is this cancel-culture! My God it’s insane. Just because you don’t like something you want it banned.

If you don’t approve of advertisers on GB News, don’t buy their products. You have NO given right to tell people what they can and can’t watch on TV. And you have no given right to tell companies you can’t advertise on this station because I am deeming it hateful.

Social Media is a minefield… be prepared… tin hat and suit of armour advised. And above all, remember, some of these people are village idiots given a keyboard. They are probably sitting in some bedroom, thinking they are the elite when in fact they are nothing but a keyboard warrior.

Don’t let the likes of Twitter bring you down… remember you don’t have to log-in. Being on Twitter and other social media platforms is not compulsory.

Look after yourselves on social media… and BE KIND!

It costs nothing.

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