Rant of the week…. illegal immigrants

There is a video circulating on Twitter of what Asylum seekers get when they arrive in the UK, including those that claim asylum when they float in on their dinghys.


Now I am not a lover of Katie Hopkins… but I thought I would check out what she claimed.

In fact, fullfact check did the same however they did point out a few errors that Katie made but basically this gist of what she is saying is true.

This video was circulating back in 2019 before the mass influx of illegal immigrants we are seeing arriving on our shores… and here we are 3 years on nothing has changed.

Yes you get a cash support now £39.63… how nice. Yet our pensioners are now facing losing some of their pension due to the Government hinting that triple locked pensions will stop.

Even if you’ve been refused asylum… yes you’ve guessed it… we will still pay you.

And don’t forget you can even get a maternity allowance if pregnant … WOW.

And you will get your free NHS. How wonderful! When we have a massive backlog of patients who need NHS care. People who through the pandemic have lost family members because people COULD NOT get the treatment they needed. The waiting list now standing at nearly 5 million people.

Do you know what? If you are born here and are British… you are not guaranteed a roof over your head and definitely don’t get money… with many homeless still sleeping rough on our streets and veterans who have fought to keep this country safe now finding that due to hard times they too have a tent on the street as well.

Thank you lads for protecting us.. but sadly you are not worthy and will have to continue to sleep rough… says our Government. Of course you could apply for Universal Credit… but there again maybe not.. cos you need an address, (could be a hostel if you are lucky to get into one) and a phone… not forgetting the computer to check your emails.

As I said I’m not a lover of Katie Hopkins… but boy do I agree with her on this one. Boris Johnson and Priti Patel are disgraceful in the way they are treating British people compared to Asylum seekers.

I tell you what… you want to stop illegal immigration then stop the benefits. Put this country’s homeless problem into a position where every homeless person can have a a roof, food and allowance given to them.

Don’t make the UK a place of freebies for asylum seekers.

If you arrive in a dinghy you are sent to a detention centre offshore… you are fed… you are given soap and water and fundamentals to clean your clothes and spare clothing but you don’t get cash. You are checked over by a medic and if and only if your medical needs are life-threatening then you will be treated by the NHS but as for all other healthcare unless an emergency you have to wait until your asylum is approved.

But this isn’t going to happen… because our Government is weak. Our home secretary is out of her depth when it comes to dealing with illegals.

This Government needs to purchase or hire ships which can house illegal immigrants and keep those who do NOT enter the UK via the correct means, on them. They should not be allowed to set foot on UK soil. This Government needs to stop the benefits.

I have nothing against genuine asylum seekers that are in fear of their lives… but come on… this influx we are getting are all young men… who are fit and able and could stand and fight in their own countries for their freedom.

Most arriving in the boats are not women and children. They are in refuge camps in countries that are bordering the likes of Syria.

It is only when the UK stops being a cash haven will the boats stop coming… if you, the Government, are handing out OUR taxpayers money for people to enter this country illegally and ignoring the plight of the homeless and pensioners, then you don’t deserve to be in power.

I don’t care what you call me… but I, like many other British people, am bloody fed up of seeing these boats arriving daily and our Government doing nothing to stop them.

And we will remember at the ballot box. Just saying you know…

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