No Fireworks… No Fuel… No Drivers…

Seriously what is this feckin country coming too.

The list is endless…

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Khan’s cancelled New Year… the media jumped on a memo about a shortage by BP and then misreported we had no fuel, which caused us to have no fuel… No containers cos they are sitting in the high seas waiting to dock… and when they do dock no drivers to shift the gear.

I hear it …. people shouting ‘It’s cos of Brexit!’

No my luvvies.. it’s because there is a shortage of drivers worldwide and here in the UK we also have a DVLA strike… containers are waiting to enter not just British Ports but Californian Ports too. And Khan just don’t like us Brits… even if he is British and claims to be British at heart. So to add to the gloom we ain’t having fireworks.

All over social media… all you read was posts about fuel being delivered and then running out a few hours later. Or ‘Does anyone know where there is diesel?

The fuel crisis was because the main-stream media jumped on a bandwagon of a leaked memo… reported that the pumps are going to dry up and by tea-time on a Friday evening the press had created a mass hysteria of frenzied drivers/readers queuing for hours just to top up. And panic buying ensued and of course we ended up with no-fuel for days.

God fuel was like gold-dust! Punch-ups at pumps! Queues blocking roundabouts! Mass hysteria!

So, if the DVLA got off of their arses and went back to work and processed the licences… Doctors started to do what they are supposed to do and see patients, especially those drivers who are awaiting a medical for their HGV licences and the media stopped misreporting and creating mass hysteria amongst their readers, we might not have a fuel crisis, cos there would be plenty of drivers to deliver fuel and goods.

Of course, the ports will still be gridlocked. Cos people are being cautious with their money, because the UK Government is raising taxes and prices are increasing quicker than you could imagine.

New figures from the government show the average price of a litre of petrol has gone up by more than 1p in the past week – while diesel is up more than 1.5p. An average tank of petrol is now £13 more than this time last year, and diesel is almost £16 dearer to brim a van.

Sky News

Our local garage raised their diesel from 139.9p a litre to over 145p a litre overnight. I think that is more than 1.5p a litre.

All we need now… is Sage to declare another COVID variant and Christmas will be like New Year… down the pan…

Oh, what it is like to live in a pandemic era with a fuel crisis and a frenzied, hysteria whipping British media.

I’m taking the BoJo route… going on feckin holiday until it is all over! If only…. can’t afford the bloody PCR tests ….

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