Oh I do love Barrage the Farage

Talk about splurting coffee everywhere… but good old Nigel only didn’t make me do it once, but twice.

Yes twice…

Once when they asked if would go on a pub crawl… I was in stitches when he replied Juncker would drink him under the table and his comments about Verhofstadt. 

The next coffee splurt was when he said he would sort out the dinghy crisis… the UN wouldn’t like it, the EU wouldn’t like and sleepy Joe would be upset.

However, on a serious note… something needs to be done.  We can’t go on taking them in.  They are undocumented economic migrants.  France is getting fed up with us and our ‘Eldorado’ lifestyle that attracts them.

And we are getting fed up with it.  Stop the Benefits, Offshore processing centres, no documents… no entry.  All immigrants must be self-sufficient for a minimum period of 5 years … and stop giving out British Citizenship willy nilly.

Yes the EU will be upset, the United Nations will be upset… but I tell you what… Boris and the Tories will be upset at the next Election… cos they won’t be in power if they don’t get their act together and stop this illegal immigration crisis and wokerati that is happening in our country.

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