So they had a Party… So what!!!

So Number 10 had a few parties whilst in lockdown… So what!  Why is it so important?  It happened nearly a year ago?  Shouldn’t we be  concentrating on the Pandemic?

Those words above I’ve read over social media … defending Boris and his Government. 

Back in 1975 Margaret Thatcher spoke at the Tory Party Conference.  During her speech she said.

The first duty of Government is to uphold the law. If it tries to bob and weave and duck around that duty when its inconvenient, if government does that, then so will the governed, and then nothing is safe—not home, not liberty, not life itself.

Maggie Thatcher – Tory Party Conference October 1975

So why is this party important?

Simply put… because you and I were banned from having parties.  The police were knocking on doors and issuing fines for breach of Covid Rules.  Yet the Police that stand outside Number 10 Downing Street, did nothing?  They must have heard or seen people turning up, all dressed up and enjoying themselves.  They must have witnessed the party dwellers leaving and they did absolutely NOTHING.

This week Boris has told us there was no party… So a) why has Allegra Stratton fallen on her sword if there was not party?  And b) Why has Boris been allowed to lie to the House of Commons, and get away with it?

But the Party of the 18th wasn’t the only one.  There were supposed to be several get-togethers. Dominic Cummings in a Tweet said

On the 30th October 2020 Dowing Street put us into another lockdown starting the 5th November.

Source – Number 10 Website.

So according to Cummings 8 days after issuing restrictions on the public, Boris and Carrie held a party in their flat.  Yet this party is not going to be investigated by the inquiry that was announced yesterday.

Even the leader of the Opposition is seen have a good old pint wth chums during lockdown.  Which didn’t end until the 15th May 2021.  Yet, he is calling for Boris’s resignation.  Surely if he breached rules he should have principles and tender his own resignation.  Like every other MP should be doing… not making excuses but tendering their resignations. They have failed to serve the people who elected them.

The Met Police need to do a thorough investigation into these breaches.    If Cummings is lying and there was no party, then Boris has nothing to fear.  But if Cummings is speaking the truth, then this party should be added to the internal inquiry and if Boris did have this Party in his flat… then he should be tendering his resignation asap.

In order for a Government to be popular and successful they have to govern like Margaret Thatcher said – by example.  And here we are with not a single party sitting unblemished from their MP’s and leaders breaching regulations.

We are facing a pandemic with various mutations of Covid – which we’ve got to learn to live with – and our Government, the Opposition and various other MP’s are flaunting and breaking the rules.  These MP’s are laughing in our faces.  And if that is not bad enough, then to top it all off,  Boris comes out and puts more restrictions on us and says we have to have a debate on Mandatory Vaccinations.

Which is a clear breach of the Nuremberg Code.

My God when is this ever going to stop?  Whilst we the public, were waving off our loved ones in ambulances, some never to return, because hospitals don’t allow visiting, these MP’s and Civil Servants were living it up.

When we the public couldn’t hold our loved one’s hands in their final moments and had to say are farewells virtually, these MP’s and Civil Servants were partying.

When we the public suffered through anxiety, loneliness and depression caused by lockdown restrictions, these MP’s and Civil Servants were breaching the rules.

So yes that Party is important and so is every breach comitted by an MP sitting in the House of Commons. Every breach committed by a Civil Servant or Lord sitting in the House of Lords needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Until then Boris… until you and others come clean… you can stick your restrictions where the sun doesn’t shine.

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