So partygate is still rambling on…

What with tensions intensifying in Ukraine with a possible Russian invasion and the cost of living crisis you would think by now #partygate would be all done and dusted. But alas no…

It is still rambling on. And here we are on the 27th January 2022, still awaiting the Sue Gray report into those parties that could see the demise of Johnson’s premiership.

So why is #partygate still important? Simply because:

  • People were not allowed to visit dying loved ones.
  • People were fined thousands for organising get togethers
  • You couldn’t comfort loved ones at a funeral, and at the time of some of those parties, only 6 people could attend a funeral.
  • People’s mental health suffered greatly. Many people who were alone stayed alone. Social bubbles were not introduced until later.

And above all….

  • We had a government that was not leading by example… Johnson and his crew were saying we’re all in this together and then doing as they wished whilst we were forced to abide by the rules.

The more the time elapses awaiting this report by Sue Gray, the bleaker it looks for Johnson and his government.

What with the Met Police now investigating alleged breaches of the lockdown rules… what does this mean for Johnson and his Government? Who knows!

Should Johnson be forced to quit then who replaces him. So far, there is no clear leader amongst them. What we need is another Iron Lady or Gent. Someone who leads by example. A person who has the balls to stand up and fight for this country. A leader who puts Britain first. A person of integrity, a person who can see the problems facing families today and act

Not enforce green measures that will destroy many families simply because they can’t afford electric cars and heat pumps.

A person who will stand up for British values, who will secure our borders, and deal with the immigration crisis. A person who will change laws to protect us and our country.

And so far, I can’t see this person standing in the wings to take the helm should Johnson be forced to quit or lose a no confidence vote.

So is it better to stay with the devil you know or risk the chance of Labour getting into power? And we know what Labour values are… more left wokerati and reentry into Europe.

What the future holds for Johnson is unclear… partygate is important because should this country face another crisis like this pandemic, people will ignore rules and remember partygate when the British Government told you, the people, do this, don’t do that, save the NHS, don’t go near granny cos you could kill her, whilst they partied the night away.

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  1. John says:

    I am commenting on “Partygate.” There are two things to consider. (1) Some people love to drown their sorrows in alcohol and controlled substances. (2) The people who belong to “Partygate” usually do and say everything they do and say as an excuse to get that next all-important drunk or high …(3) People at all levels of society seem to tend to forget the lessons of history and (4) Most human beings will always seek the path of least resistance to solve their difficulties.

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