No-Fly Zone… Ukraine… and why we say no!

The scenes of carnage and destruction of Ukraine remind us what war is all about.  There has not been a war in Europe since the Second World War. 

Putin doesn’t care who he maims or kills, even his own soldiers are cannon fodder to him.  And he must be stopped.  We all know that… But a no-fly zone is not the way.

The President of Ukraine and his government are calling for a no-fly zone.. but that will bring NATO into the war.  Putin has a fixation that NATO will invade Russia.  And his dream and the legacy he wants is to be the President who reunited and rebuilt the USSR back to the days of the Cold War.

The west can’t do anything more than impose sanctions, and support the military and the people of Ukraine.  As much as a no-fly zone would shorten the war it was also exasperate it.   It would mean that NATO would be shooting down and Russian planes in the skies.  That brings NATO into a war because the Russian planes wouldn’t abide by it.  There is no point in having a no-fly zone if you don’t uphold it.

Should Putin decide to invade or rain fire on a NATO country then it is a whole new ball game.  Ukraine is not part of NATO and we are doing all we can to support them and providing assets to fight this war.

Peace Talks

Main stream media, reports how Putin is ill and could be dying … my feelings the sooner the better for world peace… but a dying man is a dangerous man… he knows his time is limited and he has to accomplish his dream sooner rather than later.

We know from history that Putin will use chemical weapons if pushed.  And already he has threatened nuclear war should the west get involved in the fighting.  And that is something we can’t afford to do.

We hope for peace and Putin to withdraw but my fear is even if Ukraine promise never to join NATO and withdraws their application to join the EU, Putin is playing for time and regrouping, in my opinion.

He has a mission and personally I don’t think he will stop not until he is deposed and a more moderate leader of Russia is in power.. who will work with the West for peace, not just in Ukraine and Russia but the rest of the world.

If people think Putin cares about his people, he doesn’t!  He only cares about his power.   He is narcissitic and would push the button if pushed too far and backed in the corner. 

Putin in dangerous..  We have to hope and pray that there is rumblings of dissent within his ranks of what could and probably would happen for them to rise and stop this tyrant. 

He is passing laws and stopping Russian media from reporting to the Russian people the true facts of what is happening in Ukraine.  He is banning the word WAR or INVASION. 

I hope and pray that there is a peace deal… but I don’t trust Putin one bit and fear that he is using these talks as a means to regroup.

A leader that sends a mobile crematorium with his forces cos he doesn’t want the body bags returning to Russia so his people don’t see the true figures of Russian soldiers killed and uprise, tell you exactly what his mental stability is. 

Moving on for the West

One thing we should’ve learnt from this crisis is this… we can’t rely heavily on another nation like Russia to supply our gas and oil.  We have to learn to be self-sufficient.  We have to build our own nuclear energy plants and drill for own oil and gas. 

We have to rethink the ‘Green Agenda’ and have to be logical and realise that we can’t go totally ‘Green’.  We need reserves so we don’t have to bring in supplies.  If we have to import oil and gas we do so from our friends and allies.

This war is going to cost us, the taxpayer, more than we could imagine.  We are paying for a pandemic, and any aid or weapons given to Ukraine will have to be replaced at our own expense.  Sanctions we impose on Russia, will also cost us in the long term.  We haven’t got a magic money tree.  Of course we have to aid and arm Ukraine, it is the humanitarium thing to do.  But it costs money! And that means tax rises in the long term.

We are already suffering from a high cost of living and rising fuel prices, so it is only inevitable that we all will be tightening our belts in a lot further

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