Thank you Your Majesty…

Here in the UK we’ve just celebrated our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee… The celebrations lasted the whole four days.. from Thursday through to Sunday.

Starting with Trooping the Colour, and the flypast on Thursday, with planes from all eras. Supported by her family she beamed as the planes went overhead, and of course her little smile to Prince Louis who was stealing the balcony show with his charm. I loved his cheeky little face.  Especially during the carage ride and the pageant. With a Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s on Friday and the Derby on Saturday to a concert in the evening, finishing on Sunday with a pageant the whole 4 days celebrated all we love about Her Majesty.

I loved the concert but our beloved Queen, showed us a side that was full of fun and laughter with her tea with Paddington. I think her tea-party with Paddington outshone her appearance with Bond during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

Today I saw this image below and I thought how wonderful our Queen is.. and it seemed a fitting tribute to a wonderful lady at the end of her Platinum Jubilee.

This lady has served her country with dignity and honour.   Even through the dark times of tragedy that this country has seen over the years, she has shown us compassion and empathy.  Troubles within her own family have never made her shy away from her duties. 

With the loss of her beloved husband, she has soldiered on with her duties to her subjects.  Even as old-age is knocking well on her door… she is still spearheading the monarchy with charm and grace.

Long live our Queen and thank you for all the joy you graced us with throughout the years. 

Our Queen is one in a million… and makes us proud to be British. 

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